May 26 2011

Internet Marketing Promotion Tips

Internet marketing promotion is a lot like weight loss diets; there are so many options available, but most of them seem to be scams. One of the most used methods of increasing web site promotion is Google adwords.

This is a pay per click method of advertising that anyone can easily incorporate into their online marketing plan. When placing an online ad, you should always keep your target audience in mind. You will want to have your ads written in the language that your target audience speaks. If you are using English, then don’t advertise to countries that do not have a large English speaking segment of the population.

You should also test 2 new ads at the same time. This is known as an A/B split test. Using this method, you can see which ad performs better by achieving a higher click through ratio. Continue to use the ad that performs better and get rid of the one that performed poorly. You can then write up a new ad and test it along side the one that performed the best. Continue doing this so that you can have the most powerful ad.

One of the most important things you can do in internet marketing promotion is to include your keywords in your ads. Since online ads are relatively short, you will not be able to put too many keywords in and have it still make sense. If you can fit 3 or 4 keywords in your ad then you are doing fine.

Make sure that you are using the same keywords that are being used in your web site description. The reason this works is because the keywords that you type into a search engine show up in bold in the results. Studies have shown that ads with bolded keywords in them will be clicked more often.

When writing your ad, you need to lay out what you can do for your customer. The catch is you only have a very limited space to do this in. Stay simple and do it in a couple words. If you are helping people lose weight, then simply put “get slim.”

If you are helping people make money, put “make more money.” You can see how these simple phrases will not take up that much needed space while still informing people of what you do. Use attention grabbing words like: New, Proven, Discover, How To and etc. Use words that are a call to action. Just make sure that the words you use truly fit your site. Search engines such as Google consider the alternative to be spam.

Finally, do your best to remove stop words from your ad. These are words such as: a, an, it, in, on, and, but, if, etc. You have to make sure that every word in your ad helps you to get a click. With these and other internet marketing promotion tips at your disposal, you are sure to see an increase in the amount of traffic to your site as well as an increasing customer base.

Jan 17 2011

888WorldClub MRR/PLR Membership site

In a couple of months 888WorldClub Memnbership Site will be 3 years old. Its a long time in this business.

We were away to Bangkok for a week and today we added all those that were released last week. We hope you enjoy the products and use them to create more income for yourself this year.

We also like to remind members, especially the new ones, that we do have an affiliate program. Look in Affiliate tab in the menu.

Dec 30 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Wishing all our friends, clients and members a Happy and Prosperous 2011.

Dec 18 2010

Don’t Wait! Understand Affiliate Marketing

You’ve probably read the term affiliate marketing dozens or maybe hundreds of times online, so what is affiliate marketing?  Affiliate marketing is simply an agreement between you and a merchant in which you help promote the merchant’s product for a share of the profits of each sale.

You can promote the products a variety of ways, but the links that take potential customers to the merchant’s website are coded to notify him or her that the customer came from your efforts, and you’re paid whatever the agreed upon percentage of the sale might be. If that sounds simple, maybe even too good to be true, consider that affiliate marketing is one of the top ways to make money online, just because it is so simple.

There are also different types of affiliate marketing programs that require different things.

What is affiliate marketing if it’s pay-per-click?  This means that each time a potential customer clicks on your link to the merchant’s website, you earn money.

What is affiliate marketing if it’s pay-per-lead?  Each time a potential customer clicks on your link and then registers at the affiliate website, you get paid.

What is affiliate marketing if it’s pay-per-sale?  This is the most common.  When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase at the merchant’s website, you get paid a percentage of those profits, or your commission.

Many people who want to make money online try to take a traditional store model and transfer it to a website.  This involves handling physical products, storing them somewhere until they’re purchased, shipping them once they’re purchased, having expensive merchant accounts to enable you to accept credit cards, paying hosting fees for a business website account, and many more expenses and hassles. And just because you set up a store online, doesn’t mean you’ll succeed.

You have to promote to bring in new business and you have to do it correctly to target the right people.  Online stores, with their ease of set up, fail at a high rate because many people don’t understand all the things they need to do to succeed.

But affiliate marketing requires none of that hassle.  You don’t even necessarily have to have a website in order to make money affiliate marketing.  By posting advertisements online or writing articles you can use your links to direct people to the product you’re marketing and make money that way. Of course, if you already have a website, then placing an ad to the products is an easy way to get people to click and purchase, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Not only does affiliate marketing benefit you by earning you profits for products you don’t have to handle, store, pay for or ship, but it’s good for the merchant, too.  They get free advertising from you, and increased sales that make it well worth the commission paid to you. So, what is affiliate marketing—a great, easy way for anyone to make extra money online.

Nov 18 2010

How To Maximize Your Profits With Affiliate Marketing Companies

If you’d like to make money online, one of the easiest ways to do so is with affiliate marketing companies.  While affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make profits online, it can seem overwhelming, especially for a beginner.  Even though it offers all the advantages of e commerce, with none of the drawbacks of running a traditional store, or selling your own goods online, people new to affiliate marketing sometimes feel that there’s a ton of information to digest and it’s hard to get started.  Even after they understand the concepts and feel ready to begin, the thought of searching through thousands of affiliate programs, to find the ones they want to promote, can seem daunting.

But affiliate marketing companies make this easy for you.  They’re companies in which hundreds of merchants who offer affiliate programs are gathered together in one place.  Once you sign up with the company, you can promote any of the products of any of the companies in that network.

You may have to fill out agreements with each individual company you want to promote, but there’s a central place to get your affiliate links, and the entire process is streamlined and uniform.  Once you start the process to become an affiliate marketer for one company, you know that each one will be similar.  This shortens the learning curve and lets you get going very quickly.

Affiliate marketing companies make it easy to find the type of merchant you’re looking for .  Once you sign up with them, you can search for certain types of products or services, and find the list of those types of merchants associated with that company.  Then you can review the terms of each one’s agreement, like whether you get paid per click, lead or sale, and how much your commission will be, before making decisions on which product or products to promote.

Another advantage of affiliate marketing companies, is that the technical work of tracking which of your links are clicked on most often and how many result in sales is monitored by the company.  Your records are online where you can easily see how much you’re earning with each individual affiliate account, and all of your click through statistics, all in one place.  You don’t have to go to each merchant’s account for that information and keep track of everything yourself. Payment is also through the affiliate marketing companies, instead of the individual merchants, so you’ll be paid one time for all of your efforts, making bookkeeping more simple.

These companies also typically offer ready-made banners and links to give the new affiliate marketer a starting place.  And great information about how to grow your affiliate business, draw customers and make more profits are readily available for you.  Anyone with Internet access can get started this way and start making money.  So if you’re interested in affiliate marketing but need a little help getting started, look into one or several of the online affiliate marketing companies.

Nov 15 2010

Email Marketing for the Health and Fitness Industry

One of the best online marketing tools available to the health and fitness industry today is the implementation of permission-based email marketing campaigns.  These campaigns are fast and efficient to launch and they afford customers and companies alike some astounding benefits.  Email marketing is widely considered the most integral facet in any Internet marketing campaign.

It’s statistically proven that businesses can achieve heightened results and increased sales through the implementation of a good, quality email marketing campaign, and the health and fitness industry is no exception.  Believe it or not, all of these benefits can be put into place at very little cost and with less effort than one would expect.

If you’re still not convinced that your health and fitness business should invest, or would benefit from investing in an email marketing campaign, consider the top five benefits:

1.It’s Inexpensive

Far more cost effective than direct mail, email marketing is one of the most affordable ways to make your marketing budget work for you.

2.It’s Effective

Email marketing allows you to engage your customers and prospects directly, rather than waiting for them to return to your Web site on a regular basis. In addition, email marketing can help fitness and health web sites increase sales, drive additional traffic to your web site, and help promote customer loyalty.

3.It’s Immediate

Email marketing helps to generate an immediate response from your viewing instagram followers audience. With a clear call to action, email marketing responses often occur within 2 days of sending out your email. Furthermore, with sophisticated tracking solutions, including email opens, pass-throughs, and click-throughs, you can evaulate the success of your email campaign to measure reader interest and ensure better results.

4.It’s Targeted

Targeting your email campaigns to specific interest groups greatly improves your click-through rates and ensures that your offers are viewed by the customers and prospects that are most likely to respond.

5.It’s Easy

With the professional email marketing assistance, offered by many top email marketing firms, email marketing becomes as easy as drafting a Word document and selecting a distribution group. They do the rest! In addition, they provide you with powerful, elegant reports and detailed analysis on every aspect of each campaign. Furthermore, these companies will help you make important decisions which will maximize your click-through rates and conversions.

A sound email marketing campaign is a wonderful way to get the word out about garcinia cambogia extract your health and fitness company.  You will find that an attractive and interactive email that doesn’t appear to ‘spam like’, will afford you additional purchasing traffic. Furthermore it will help you to establish yourself as an entity that prides itself on great customer service and the distribution of quality products.

There’s really no reason NOT to embark on an email marketing campaign to promote your health and fitness business.  Act now and you will be reaping the massive benefits which email marketing can offer; before you know it.

Sep 13 2010

Making Money With Autoresponders

These days, autoresponders make for great follow up tools.  You can set them up to your liking, as they are easy to set up and will hold a lot of preset messages.  Although they are very popular, a lot of people fail to see the power they hold and therefore never use them.  If you’ve been looking to make extra money, the tips below will show you how you can make money using an autoresponder.

The first thing to do, is ensure that your site has a signup form.  A signup form is an obvious way to use an autoresponder, yet a lot of people don’t think about it.  Each and every day your website attracts visitors, many of us come back.  If you put a signup form on your site, they can sign up and become a contact.  This way, your customer base will grow with each passing day.  You can stay in close contact with your customers this way, and even increase your audience over time as well.

You can also give out free reports or ebooks as well.  It’s actually an easy task to exchange reports or ebooks for someone’s email address.  Even though you may not have a website, you can still make the free report or ebook available by having people send blank emails to your autoresponder.  In doing so, you will build a client list and get your report out there – which can help you make money.

You can also choose to publish an ezine. To do so, you’ll need to load your autoresponder will a course that contains several parts.  This way, your clients will receive your reports and material in sections.  You can also build a customer base this way, and eventually recommend you to their family and friends.  Once you have a relationship and your clients start to trust you, you can send them information for other products.

You can also use autoresponders as curriers as well.  When you send an email out, ask the recipient to pass your email along to family and friends.  As they pass your emails along, you’ll gain more subscribers.  Although you’ll have to start out small when you first begin, you’ll find that your client list will grow in little to no time at all.

Autoresponders are also great to use with customer response as well.  Autoresponders are very handy, and they can answer a large portion of your technical questions.  Whenever someone sends you an email needing customer support, simply answer with an autoresponder message that entails a lot of the most common problems.  A lot of customers find this to be very helpful, as chances are it will cover the issue they are experiencing.

Autoresponders are also handy with site updates as well.  If you update your site on a regular basis, you may want to use an autoresponder with individuals who want to be informed when your site is updated.  With an autoresponder, all you have to do is send out a broadcast email and everyone will be informed at the same time.

No matter how you look at it, an autoresponder can help you bring in profits – as well as make your life a lot easier. They are easy to use, and will work great with your website.  If you operate several websites, you simply must have one of these.  Once you use an autoresponder – you’ll never want to find yourself without one again.  If you’re interested in finding out how easy they can make your life, all you need to do is give one a try.

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